Saturday, 14 April 2012

20's Icon- The lady, the legend.

Eighty-eight years old and thriving. Doris Day was at her prime when we weren't even alive. As a teenager, You would probably think "who is she?". Well, Doris Day was/still is a very important figure to American history. She started off as a dancer, until an horrific injury, and during this period she found out she has a voice (a voice that i will always desire but unfortunately i have a disease called "tone deaf"). She scored her first recording hit with "Sentimental Journey" releasing in 1945! She was an extremely popular radio vocalist and this led her to a career in film. She got a role in the film "Romance in the High Seas" totally by fluke due to Betty Hutton being pregnant! One of her biggest roles was with the very nostalgic man Frank Sinatra- lucky girl *cry*!

What I want to pinpoint is, Her unique style. Her glamorous old school style has influenced many fashionista's! Including the likes of Me.
This is a small picture of Doris and what she would have worn (as seen in the sepia image). The black leather skirt is a modern twist on her short mini leather skirts she wore. You would see the pleated leather skirt on a modern day Whitney Port and Kourtenay Kardashian.
Above, we see One of trio of the Kardashian sisters sporting the Doris Day leather skirt. Kourtenay teams up the skirt with a sparkly belt to emphasis her tiny frame and the right length to show off her to-die-for figure. Go Kourtenay!
Vogue worker and socialite Whitney Port teams the Doris Day inspired skirt with a pair of black brogues and Horizontal striped top to emphasis her killer pins and long legs. Both girls wear the skirt very well, living up to the Hollywood starlet, Doris Days, style.
As you can see, Doris Day is an icon to the young stars of today. Proving that no matter your age, or style of that decade, you will always be a legend

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  1. you look so beautiful and hot in your outfit! Great style!!