Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Girl

Hello, this will be my first EVER post on this site!

First of all, I do not claim any that the actual Blog banner is my picture, but the picture has not been protected by copyright, so it's not copyright, right?

Okay, now that's all over and done with, I'm going to finally start!
April is a huge month for me, as it is my birthday month. So fifteen years ago around this time, my mum was craving apple pie and juice and getting regular kicks from me inside her belly... Lucky girl! She was debating on the name of 'me' as Chandler for a boy, or Rochelle for a girl- named after her dolls. Obviously, I obviously came out a girl, as you can see, and the first thing my mother did after she cradled me was 'Oh god, she's a ginger! Oh well, we can always dye it!'. Cheek! What's so wrong with being ginger, eh? 2% of the population are ginger! We are a rare commodity!

Any way, enough about that, and more about this blog that technology has wonderfully set up for me and thousands others! This blog contains the things I love, as a passionate ballerina living in Wales and also has a surf-goer who loves a good 5ft wave which I have to state is a very rare thing in Wales. The blog will also contain my 'Passion for Fashion' which, if you knew me, was a huge thing to me and my best friend Caitlin (who also has a blog, visit So, I bid you farewell my lovely viewers at home who are now yawning at my intro. Thank-you and I shall post you soon! 

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  1. Love you all ,the clothes ,the hair.the shoe!